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Are you traveling to Ibiza for the first time and you don’t want to miss any must-visit spot? If you are searching for inspiration from the first hand, you will find it thanks to our articles written by locals. Sa Guaita team will propose you some original ideas to make your holidays unique.

Ibiza, is an idyllic place to spend your holidays with family or friends, but it is also a great place to relax and spend time with friends, with companions or even strangers who come to a retreat with the same goals as you.

Ibiza has two sides of the same coin, they share the essence of the island all the year, but it’s true that winter has such magical aspects that attract tourists in winter too.

Can Pep De Sa Guaita” belongs to the traditional Ibizan family, which built the modern villa by themselves. Are you curious about its history?

Ibiza is known not only for parties, but also for beautiful beaches and clear sea like in the Caribbean. Get inspired by our secret beach tips!

The north of Ibiza is the most authentic part of the island. Visit the most cozy dining spots, let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of the island.

Get to know traditional “ball pagès”, the Ibizan folklore dance in which the man invites the woman to dance with a strong blow of “castanets”.

Ibiza continues to be an island of traditions, music, cultural events, and the original town celebrations. You can not miss them!

Northern Ibiza tends to be quieter than other parts of the island. Get inspired by our shopping tips connected with live music and entertainment.

Sant Joan de Labrija, a municipality in the north of Ibiza, is the only one with 7 certified hiking trails on the island.

Ibiza’s beaches are perfect for enjoying time with young children thanks to facilities: easy access to the sea, clear water, and kids safety.

Grocery store


Northern Ibiza offers several small supermarkets. We ranked the shops from the nearest to the most distant due to the location of the villa.

Check our tips for must-visit beach bars in the North of Ibiza. Read on to see our choice of dreamy beachside chill-out spots.

Ibiza’s gastronomy is as rich as it is surprising. From traditional Ibizan plates to inventive dishes. Get inspired by our tips on luxury dining in Ibiza.

Ibiza has the oldest historical references regarding the production and trade of Ibizan wine in the Balearic Islands. Taste the best ones!


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In recent years, a slew of beautiful villas have popped up across the island, adding a much-needed dose of diversity to its vacation landscape. CAN PEP DE SA GUAITA belongs to the one of the most luxurious villas on the island.

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