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We never forget that Ibiza’s gastronomy is as diverse as it is breathtaking. Explore the most exclusive addresses recommended by the SA GUITA local team! Let Northern Ibiza surprise you.

Ibiza’s gastronomy is as rich as it is surprising. From traditional Ibizan plates to inventive dishes, the cuisine gives pride of place to the island’s resources, from fish and seafood to fruits and vegetables from the kitchen’s garden. 

Exclusive sustainable cuisine based on the landscape, seasonality and untravelled food.  Edén belongs to the Hacienda na Xamena, which offers breathtaking views on the Northern Ibizan coast and luxury authentic cuisine. 

Casa Colonial is located on a small mountain surrounded by tropical plants. Experience the finest culinary delights and a unique ambience in the area of Santa Eulalia

On the cooking stoves at Can Curreu, traditional Ibizan cooking is combined with modernity and creativity. Located in the heart of the island, here the saying  “from garden to the table” becomes a reality.

An exclusive restaurant led under the chef Nandu Jubany is a new temple of joy on the “White island”. Live music, sea views, delicious cuisine and authentic atmosphere make it must-visit dining place in the area of Santa Eulalia.

Es Caliu is one of the most romantic hidden restaurants located on the San Joan road in the North of Ibiza. The place combines delicious local dishes with a huge garden, where tables are placed under the lighted trees.

In recent years, a slew of world-class restaurants have popped up across the island, adding a much-needed dose of diversity to its culinary landscape. Feel free to contact our Concierge service in order to create you a reservation in advance.

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