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Ibizan culture


Visit a village of Sant Miquel de Balansat and get to know traditional “ball pagès”, the Ibizan folklore dance in which the man invites the woman to dance with a strong blow of “castanets”. The dance shows you the characteristics of each village of Ibiza and Formentera.

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Ibizan Traditional Dance

The Pityuses preserve their traditional essence, which is made apparent during the patron saint festivities that are sprinkled throughout the local calendar. The ancestral island dance, the ball pagès (payés dance) is performed, where women wear their traditional dress and the emprendades, hugely valuable gold necklaces, earrings and buttons, which used to be the dowry with which they would seduce their suitors. 

Interesting facts

Ibiza has a lot of history attached to it and even though around 20% of the inhabitants are foreign, Ibiza still practices their unique traditions.

One tradition is very clear from the moment of arrival. The typical Ibizan houses are built in an architectural style that hasn’t changed in centuries. The main color of facade is white, and this is the reason, why Ibiza is called as “White Island”.

There is one curiosity about names of the local villages in Ibiza. All the villages are named after a saint. Every citizen knows when and how the yearly celebration of the saint of their village is held. Check our calendar of local festivities!

Ibizan people’s nickname is the name that has been given to their houses (the same as our home Can Pep De Sa Guaita). The old peasant houses are passed from generation to generation.

Visit the most charming villages

Ibizas villages are famous for their beauty, simplicity and charme. Visit the most cosy towns while staying in SA GUAITA.

Can Casals Ibiza
Huertos Can Tomeu Ibiza

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Discover Ibiza with Sa Guaita Team

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