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wine tasting in Ibiza


Ibiza has the oldest historical references regarding the production and trade of Ibizan wine in the Balearic Islands. The wineries began with the presence of the Carthaginians, who had settled in the 7th century B.C. on the island while establishing the colony of Ebusus.

Gaining prestige for their unparalleled taste and aromas, the vineyards of Ibiza have created award-winning bottles of the most exceptional quality. Ibizan wines were granted the notable classification of ‘Vi de la Terra Ibiza’. If you are a wine lover, feel free to get inspired by our Winery Guide!

Can Maymó Winery is located in the North of Ibiza, in the town of Sant Mateu. It is a small family winery launched in 1995 by Antonio Costa. Taste Moscatel varieties grown in the Santa Agnès or delicious local Merlot and Syrah varieties.

How far is from our villa “CAN PEP DE SA GUAITA”

Founded in 2007 as Totem Wines, Ibizkus has since established itself as a leading winery on the island of Ibiza and its biggest wine exporter. Visit this “avant-guarde” winery with views through a glass pane to cellar, complete with French-oak barrels. Try the best of 11 different wines the winery is famous of.

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A winery established in 1997, offers eco-friendly wines and olive oils from a beautiful vineyard close to San Antonio. Taste local Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay from the biggest wine producer in Ibiza.

How far is from our villa “CAN PEP DE SA GUAITA”

SA COVA Winery

Explore the vineyards and corners of Sa Cova in San Mateo, taste its wines and absorb the atmosphere of one of Ibiza’s most famous wineries. Enjoy local Ibizan wines in a rural area, visit the oldest winery in Ibiza (launched in 1990).

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