October, 2024
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An Ancient Greek word that means to do everything with passion and creativity as such we pour our soul into each action. Imbuing every detail of our retreat with love and dedication, and leaving a unique mark on each experience.

We offer you a residential  Wellness Experience, in a natural and  idyllic environment, aimed at women and men on the Ibiza Island. This unique opportunity will allow you to escape from your daily routine and reconnect with yourself.

Immerse yourself in activities designed to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit: yoga, pilates, meditation, sound healing, dance, nutrition workshops, therapies, revitalizing treatments and nature walks. All this plus exquisite, nutritious food designed by our chef exclusively for you.

The Meraki team will accompany you on this journey, providing you with the experiences and tools to improve your life and incorporate good habits into your daily routine.


At Sa Guaita by Sensory Experiences Retreats, you’ll have the unique opportunity to enjoy a special class with Claudia Constans, also known as Ffitcoco.

Originally from Barcelona and passionate about wellness, Ffitcoco shares her daily life on @ffitcoco, highlighting exercise and food. With her “fitpilates” method based on Pilates and Hypopressives, she will guide us through an hour of exercise to strengthen the body and mind.

Don’t miss this unique chance to care for yourself with the Ffitcoco class in Sa Guaita!


We’ve brought together the best professionals in the care of body, mind and soul.

Our hosts

Owner of Can Pep de Sa Guaita, she's prepared this sanctuary for renewal with much love. Carmen has put all of her energy into every detail so you can spend an unforgettable week in her house.

The light and guide of this experience, she has designed a unique program under her brand Sensory Experiences, fusing health, wellness and self listening in each Experience.


We have created a space where, for one week, rest becomes renewal, and renewal becomes a journey of deep connection.


Minimalism and modernity for your rest.

Terra room

€1,400 / person

Pleasant space with an elegant and calm atmosphere.

Shared bathroom.
Option of two single beds (90cm) or a double bed (180cm).

Higuera Suite

€1,450 / person

Cozy room with private bathroom and pool views.

Option of two single beds (90cm) or a double bed (180cm).

Sa Guaita Suite

€1,500 / person

Spacious and elegant suite with private bathroom including bubble jet bath.

Option of two single beds (90cm) or a double bed (180cm).


Our cozy rooms are designed for two, which means that if you come with your partner or a friend, you’ll have the entire room to yourselves. If you decide to come alone, you will share a room with another retreat participant. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect, share and create unforgettable memories together at Sa Guaita by Sensory Experiences Retreats.

Room prices are per person and include:

  • Luxury accommodation in the beautiful village of Can Pep de Sa Guaita.
  • All delicious food:
    – An energetic breakfast every morning.
    – Nutritious, tasty lunches.
    – Exquisite dinners under the stars.
  • Full program of activities.

Not included:
Flights, transfer from the airport to the villa and vice versa, treatments and massages.

Can Pep de Sa Guaita

Where tranquility meets comfort.


We’ll get back to you regarding availability within 24 hours.

Sant Joan de Labritja
07810 Ibiza
+34 649 75 97 91


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Tania Herrero

Director, light and guide of this experience.

A lover of the island of Ibiza, who has been residing there for 15 years.

Under her personal brand “Sensory Experiences,” she has created a menu of personalized experiences, tailored to your present moment, where self-listening is the key.

Massage & Sound, both individual, duo, or group, Sound Healings on land and water, with horses, Cacao Sessions, Breath & Sound Poetic Concert, Blessingway… She accompanies people in her idyllic cabin in the forest, in Retreats, or in small charming agritourism locations.

She has worked in different parts of the world for company teams such as Nike, Converse, Reebok, Ferrari, Loewe, Colourfeel, among others.

After years of experience, she feels that the moment has arrived! And Carmen appeared… proposing to her to lead this great Meraki community that is beginning to take off!

Now she is about to embark on one of her greatest challenges, where she is eager to learn and share these beautiful annual encounters alongside a wonderful team she has assembled, to accompany you in a very simple, practical, and enjoyable way.

She assures you that your time at Sa Guaita Retreat will leave a lasting impression!

Marta Abril

Creator of Slow Life workshops with The Comoonity, a holistic community with a nomadic soul. My name is Marta, I was born in Madrid but years ago I decided to become a citizen of the world.

I have lived in many countries, and I have been collecting learning from each of them.

 In Mexico I learned the power of plants, entering to the world of naturopathy and herbal shamanism.

 In Indonesia I explored the world of botanical dyes.

 In India I entered the world of Ayurveda.

 In Australia connect with the Magic that lies in living slowly.

 I have been working on a project called The Comoonity few years now. I share it with my partner, Jorge.

 Together we do workshops and holistic meetings to share what we have learned after years of learning around the world.

 I am the mother of two precious beings: Noah & Aluna, they inspire me to create special moments of learning with nature as an element of play.

 Nature is my essence, it is my refuge and my inspiration.


Creator of "Raíces de Ibiza"

Ancient grain producer and vegan cook, specializing in gluten-free diets, ferments, bread, raw food…

My cooking is inspired by the consumption of local products. With my cooking, classes and talks I try to promote more responsible consumption based on what nature gives us each season.

I’m passionate about teaching you how to cook the high-vibration cuisine of Raíces de Ibiza, so that, thanks to food, you can gain the energy you need to fulfil your dreams.

Neliah Kandisha

Anthropologist, Music Therapist, Graduate in Pedagogy, specialist in Sound Pedagogy and researcher of healing frequencies through electronic music.

Anthropologist and music therapist like my father. He taught me everything about melody. He gave me my first vinyls when I was 6 years old and he sent me from an early age to places of power in the world, learning from ancestral rhythms of tribes, shamans and gurus.

Graduate in Pedagogy, specialist in Sound Pedagogy and researcher of healing frequencies through electronic music.

I organize Yoga and Meditation teacher training courses for FEDA (Spanish Federation of Directed Activities) every year in Ibiza, Mallorca, Murcia and Valencia.

I also have a radio program for 5 years called Nómadas, on Ibiza Sonica. Therapeutic music and voice space.

Precursor in Ibiza of the Ecstatic Dance movement, spaces without drugs, without talking, without cell phones, where dancing as a therapeutic form of emotional expression. She has been guiding the Ecststaic Dance experience   for more than 10 years around the world.

Resident DJ every week at Namaste (Las Dalias), Nagai, Amorigen, Hippie Market in Es Canar, the AMA and Beach Star hotels. As well as monthly sets at Pacha, Kumharas, Sunset Ashram.

In Namaste, in the 2023 season I had my own space: “Sensorama”, where I carried out sensory experiences with headphones.






Anna Llimós Verdaguer

Relational Somatic Psychologist, Family Constellation Facilitator, Aquatic Water Therapist.

My name is Anna Llimós Verdaguer, and I am a Relational Somatic Psychologist, Family Constellation Facilitator, and Aquatic Water Therapist. Since 2003, I’ve been involved in social intervention work through various groups and institutions in Girona, Granada, and Barcelona. In 2013, I lived in Mexico, where I began incorporating massage techniques into my sessions. Since 2014 onwards, I’ve been working with aquatic therapy.

In 2016, I launched the “Anna Amma” project, where I combine all the tools I’ve gathered throughout my career. Since then, I’ve been working and collaborating on projects, training, and retreats in places like Mexico, Bali, Thailand, Morocco and England. Since 2020, my focus has been more on Ibiza and Barcelona.

I currently have my practice in Ibiza, where I help individuals in their transformational journeys through one-on-one sessions, group workshops, or aquatic therapy sessions, either individually or in groups. I offer my sessions in Catalan, Spanish, or English, so please feel free to reach out.

Laire by Irene Apolo

Ethnobotany, Phytotherapy, Ayurveda Nutrition, Psychoaromatherapy, Bach Flowers, Microdoses.

My name is Irene, I’m an Ibiza resident, and for the past twenty years of my life plants have been my guides. I got to know and loved them until I “gave birth” to my own line of cosmetic products, courses, training workshops and different therapies.

I’ve continued this wonderful and long trajectory of research and experimentation with medicinal plants in my professional training in Ethnobotany, Phytotherapy, Psychoaromatherapy, Bach Flowers, Microdoses and Ayurvedic nutrition, until I became a specialized herbal therapist in Ayurvedic medicine. As such, I decided to name my respectful contribution to the field “Ayurveda of the Mediterranean”.

I’m continuing to deepen my knowledge by training in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, as one of my goals is to feel and diagnose the specific plants your body needs to help you and accompany you in your wellbeing, healing and personal growth.

The plants are the ones that found me, probably to be rediscovered. Plants have memory, as they are all capable of learning from experience, and as such, they have memorization mechanisms. There is a millenary, ancestral wisdom about their behaviors, uses and properties, their connection with lunar cycles and astrology and their evolution over time.

My responsibility is to safeguard this extraordinary treasure with love so that I can continue to respectfully share this knowledge.

Nature has given us an immense variety of medicinal plants. How to live, work and relate to them is our task — a journey on which I invite you to accompany me.


For me, a dish has to have the 5 flavors, all the textures, seeds, sprouts, flowers, vegetables, seaweed, grains and proteins.

I was born in Corrientes, Argentine Mesopotamia, and have been on the island of Ibiza for 40 years.

I am focused on Permaculture, having worked in a winery producing wine, distillate and macerated plants and fruits.

The large-scale production of vegetables pushed me towards the stove, transforming them so that I could then store them.

From an early age I had great teachers — my grandmothers and my mother — who wisely shared with me their secrets, the connection between flavors, the patience for alchemy, and the humility of knowing how to share.

I trained in Ayurvedic cuisine in Pune, India.

My passion is cooking on open fire, and from there, creating to heal, connect and communicate with food from the sacred.

For me, a dish has to have the 5 flavors, all the textures, seeds, sprouts, flowers, vegetables, seaweed, grains and proteins.


Licensed psychologist specializing in Gestalt Therapy, women and couples; yoga teacher; breathwork worker.

I’m Cristina, a woman who is passionate about sharing with other beings the potential of a balanced nervous system, the integrating effects of reconnecting with our bodies, and being present for life, joy and love.

I’m a licensed Psychologist specializing in Gestalt therapy, women and couples, a yoga teacher, and a breathworker.

With a heart-centered approach, I guide people to tap into inner joy through mindset, movement, breathing and meditation.


My mission is to guide the journey from numbness to aliveness. Coming back to our bodies, embracing our feelings, and opening our hearts.

Love is the door to infinite joy.

Clara Prats

Dance and wellness professional since 2001

Born in Ibiza, Clara been teaching since 2001 and is passionate about her work. 

Her sessions are developed by combining ancient and modern techniques that are founded on breathing, movement, music and meditation. 

She has trained and worked internationally as a professional dancer, a teacher, artistic event production, artistic management, and in choreography. 

Yoga and Pilates have been essential practices in her career as tools for grounding, release, injury recovery, and keeping a balanced mind and body.

Clara is a fully qualified Dance Teacher (BA in Dance Education, Choreography, MA of
Culture and Arts, Middlesex University, London) specializing in modern contemporary
dance (Limon technique, New York).

She is also a registered Pilates instructor (Stott) and advanced Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance), and holds studies in holistic healing and self-development techniques such as reiki, reflexology, acupressure, yoga therapy, coaching and NLP courses. 

Her teaching experience is broad, working with people of all ages, backgrounds and levels: children, adults, the elderly, injured, terminally ill patients, and corporate

She has led private and groups session in corporate environments, community
classes, dance schools, yoga and pilates studios, executive health clubs, online and in retreats. She has also performed workshops and created targeted, specialized work for corporate clients (JCD Deacux, Heineken, citymapper,); professional athletes; footballers (FIFA World Cup Winner 2015 André Schürrle); dancers (Más’Dance, Hardo Rock, Palladium); and actors (Antonio Cantos Theater Company).

“Movement is life.
Find your expression, listen to yourself, move and discover the mechanics of your body,
find movement that’s uniquely yours. Take risks, explore, music, rhythms, space, gravity,
feelings, breathing: all faithful life companions and great tools to help know yourself in depth.”


Mindset & Self-Leadership coach

Valerie is a mindset and self-leadership coach renowned for her straightforward, evidence-based, and pragmatic coaching style. 

She’s passionate about guiding leaders not just to achieve their goals but to thrive beyond them.

Valerie champions the transformative power of fine-tuning your mindset, balancing emotions, effectively managing stress, and mastering communication—key ingredients for anyone aiming to excel and thrive.

Her journey to becoming a sought-after mindset coach began in the vibrant world of nightlife and luxury hospitality management, where she created unforgettable experiences for VIPs and traveled the globe. 

Despite the excitement and success, Valerie felt a pull towards something more fulfilling. She yearned to make a deeper, more impactful difference in people’s lives.

This calling led Valerie to pivot her career toward becoming a certified mindset and self-leadership coach, mastering techniques in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, and Timeline Therapy®. 

Mentored by some of the industry’s leaders, Valerie refined her skills to offer transformative experiences. She is not just a coach but a global mentor, offering her services in English, French, and Spanish to a diverse clientele across continents.

Valerie is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations not just to succeed, but to truly thrive.

Through her personalized coaching, dynamic workshops, and inspiring speaking engagements, she finds great joy in witnessing the transformative growth and success of her clients.

Valerie firmly believes in the power of personal development as a catalyst for profound life changes.


Transpersonal Psychology, specialized in Holotropic Breathwork and has trained in other techniques such as NLP, Regressive Hypnosis, Mindfulness & Systemic Therapy.

Blanca creates a peculiar atmosphere by recording different harmonies in simultaneous layers of sound with her loop station.

Through her singing, she guides different respiratory cycles to allow for a connection with a deeper sense or meaning.

Improvisation is key, and she sings and creates melodies in the moment, responding to specific demands.

She is dedicated to meditation and has been involved in the development of consciousness for more than 10 years.

She studied Transpersonal Psychology (UEMC, Madrid), specialized in Holotropic Breathwork and has trained in other techniques such as NLP, Regressive Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Systemic Therapy, among others.

She studied the intersection between Breathing and Singing in India for a year.

She researches the creation of her music and designs different immersive journeys through Breathing and Voice.

Co-founder of Lalaland Productions in Germany, Blanca has led over 300 workshops in collaboration with other arts and therapies. She is also co-creator of BREATHE WATER, a breathing method in the aquatic environment that favors intrauterine memory.

She has worked for several EU programs as a meditation teacher and breathing facilitator, as well as for a global executive search firm (Stanton Chase) as an interview coach for selected candidates in C-suite positions.

She has also given various breathing training courses at corporate firms such as Vatel (Madrid), Zahnteam (Germany) and Y-Kollectiv (Germany). 

Isra Huete Hervás

Osteopath and Kinesiologist specializing in Craniosacral Therapy.

Comprehensive osteopath and Kinesiologist specializing in Craniosacral Therapy.
Movement therapist, creating Pilates sessions and dynamic meditations for groups.

Isra also offers reflexology sessions, acupuncture for pain, deep tissue/sport, and relaxing massage.

He uses tuning forks and sound in his manual therapies to harmonize each cell in the body and bring the patient closer to their correct vibration.

He has been a therapist for around twenty years and understands therapy as a relationship between the 4 levels of the individual.

– Structural
– Emotional
– Energetic
– Chemical

He combines each technique and bases his therapy on the patient’s present needs, working on the relationship between the body, the guts/organs and the hormonal system.


Holistic therapist based in Ibiza, with whom you can experience the true art of massage.

Noemí is a renowned holistic therapist based in Ibiza, with whom you can experience the true art of massage.

Trained in Europe and Asia (where her best teacher was an elderly blind man), she applies many disciplines and techniques: deep tissue, myofascial, Thai, cranial, visceral, foot reflexology, healing and rehabilitation rituals…

The combination of her hands and energy will never cease to surprise you.

Enjoy the pleasure of feeling looked after.

Patricia. M. Rafols

Licensed in Traditional Chinese Medicine and qualified in Naturopathic Medicine.

The main aim of a private consultation with Patricia is to learn about the tools that Traditional Chinese Medicine offers to help us take better care of ourselves in our day-to-day lives, with the aim of preserving physical and emotional wellbeing and preventing disease. 

During the session, a holistic diagnosis is made according to observation, tongue and pulse, based on the theory of the 5 elements. 

Patricia performs a treatment, which can include any of the therapeutic tools of Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, massage, herbal medicine, dietetics…

It will provide you with a series of tools to incorporate into your daily life for issues such as biorhythms, meal times, rest, herbal medicine, diet, meditation, stress prevention…

A session full of wisdom for the present moment.


Holistic therapist with more than 13 years experience. Massage techniques, body and facial treatments.

My dedication lies in the fusion of your total and energetic surrender, which I channel to guide you towards a safe space of balance and deep connection.

I’m a holistic therapist with more than 13 years of immersion in the exciting world of wellness, developing different massage techniques, and body and facial treatments.

In each session, I give permission to the intuition and wisdom that flow through my hands in the present moment, to create experiences that transcend the physical plane.

It will be a pleasure to embrace you in the totality of your Being, bringing together body, mind and spirit.