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Reasons to get lost in Ibiza in winter

Ibiza has two sides of the same coin, they share the essence of the island all the year, but it’s true that winter has such magical aspects that attract tourists in winter too. A particular beauty surrounds the island in winter, it is the most authentic side, so don’t give up the opportunity to visit it.

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First Reason

You will discover the most natural and cleaned island. An ideal atmosphere surrounds Ibiza in winter due to different factors such as pleasant temperatures, so you can enjoy different excursions, beaches, activities and adventure sports without crowds of people.

October, November and instead December are months that climatology combines perfectly with such activities as walking on the beach, sunbathing, routes with bikes, motocross, riding a horse, and a lot more. 

Second Reason

Sunsets in winter are the best ones of the year, the fresh air, environment, not crowds of people creates an ideal atmosphere to enjoy sunset. 

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Third Reason

Gastronomy is one of the focus points of Ibiza, you can enjoy special dishes with fresh food and a gorgeous landscape.

Some villages as Sant Miquel, Sant Vicent de Sa Cala or Sant Joan have different restaurant options to enjoy. 

Fourth Reason

In this season, you can visit the most famous places of Ibiza without people, completely alone, this can help you to be relaxed, away from technology or daily problems.

This is one of the better advantages, disconnection of our daily live is difficult, and Ibiza is a place that offers this.

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