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children friendly beaches in Ibiza


North Ibiza’s beaches are perfect for enjoying time with young children thanks to their facilities: easy access to the sea, clear water, and everything you need to enjoy a day of swimming, strolls, and games.

The north of Ibiza is often described as a paradise within a paradise, an oasis of peace and relaxation on the most favourite of the Balearic islands. If are you traveling to the North Ibiza for the first time, feel free to get inspired by our Beach Guide!

Playa S'Arenal Petit

White sand and clear water, an ideal place for families with small children with low sea level, which guarantee safety for kids.

How far is from our villa “CAN PEP DE SA GUAITA”

Cala Boix

A picturesque bay, the light waters contrasting with dark sand. The area is enclosed by high cliffs, creating a privacy. Cala Boix is a perfect spot for families with small children.

Check the way from “CAN PEP DE SA GUAITA”:

Cala Boix
Cala San Vincente

Usually populated with an international crowd: lots of young people, families, couples and the elderly, as Cala San Vicente is easily accessible.

How far is from our villa “CAN PEP DE SA GUAITA”

One of the best beaches to go with children. The sea is calm and, in addition, you can practice different water sports, such as kayak, paddle surf, jet-ski, boat trip to Benirrás, etc.

Check the path from “CAN PEP DE SA GUAITA”:

Port de San Miguel

If you are looking to get lost and escape in a unique and calming environment in the North Ibiza, the property owner is ready to design with you an unforgettable holiday. Rent a dream holiday house directly with a local homeowner and do not waste time and finances with rental agencies. Ibiza is waiting for you! 

Discover Ibiza with Sa Guaita Team

A small team with a passion for creating authentic private experiences. Offering an unique exceptional customer service at the heart of Ibiza. Get inspired directly by the local people and we will show you what is worth visiting!